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The Career Lessons Learned Of Senior Colorist Ferg Rotherham

Accelerate your post-production career at’m excited to share my interview with Ferg Rotherham. He’s a senior colourist and his credits inc...

An Interview with Oscar-Winning International Colourist Hootan Hagshenas CSI

Accelerate your post-production career at = = =Today, I talked to Hootan Haghshenas, CSI. He’s a senior colourist with extensive credits, incl...

A Career Empowering Colorists: Talking with FilmLight's Peter Postma

Accelerate your career at = = =Today, I talked to Peter Postma – Managing Director, Americas at FilmLight. Formerly at Kodak and a graduate of...

What’s The Role of VFX Colorist? With DNEG's Christian Ganea Reitmeier

This is a subscriber-supported podcast. Accelerate your career!= = = =Today, I talk with Christian Ganea Reitmeier, a Quebec-based VFX Colorist at DNEG...

From Freelancer to Facility Owner With Senior Colourist CJ Dobson, CSI

Melbourne-based Colourist CJ Dobson, CSI shares how her recently opened colour facility, Mood Labs Film Looks, offers her clients new solutions to old workflow problem...

Talking Dailies Colour Grading With Renowned Colourist Fergus Hally CSI

If you want to talk to someone about the craft and business of being a professional dailies colourist, there aren’t many people with his experience you can chat with. ...

A Conversation With Senior Colourist Vincent Taylor CSI

We're happy to introduce our newest Contributor, colorist Kali Bateman CSI. She's relaunching our interview series, starting with Vincent Taylor CSI. They discuss bein...

Creative Professionals, Contracts, and Kill Fees in the Age of Covid-19

Attorney Seth Polansky, Esq, discusses the rights of creative professionals if clients start to pull jobs (and you've turned away other work)?

Understanding Professional Displays With Flanders Scientific’s Bram Desmet

Trying to understand the value of pro video displays? Want to know the differences (and trade-offs) between the technologies? Listen on...

The 3000 NIT FSI XM310K: Talking HDR With Bram Desmet

Flanders Scientific is shipping it's highly anticipated XM310K - a 31 inch DCI 4k 3000 NIT HDR mastering monitor with 12G connectivity. Robbie Carman talks with FSI CE...

LG 2018 OLEDs & Talking Calibration With Tyler Pruitt

Technical Evangelist Tyler Pruitt joins Robbie to discuss LG's 2018 OLED monitors and various calibration issues like metamerism, colorimeter matrices and more!

Color Restoration & Remastering: A Talk With Marc Wielage

Film restoration and remastering is a very unique specialty in the craft of digital color correction. Learn how a Hollywood colorist handles the unique challenges. Get...

Moving From A Mac to PC: Answering Member Questions – Part 2

If you need to buy a high-performance video post-production computer today, then you're looking at a PC. Here are more answers to questions of Mac users.

Moving From A Mac to PC: Answering Member Questions – Part 1

A 2-part interview series for media pros talking about the challenges Mac users face when moving to the PC elicited many questions. Here are the answers.

Building a PC Optimized for Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve

In Part 2, Eric Bowden of ADK Video highlights the importance of optimizing PC hardware to your specific workflows, codecs and software.

What Mac Post Pros Need To Know About Building A Custom PC

Are you a Mac-based Post-Production professional moving to the PC platform? Eric Bowden, a custom PC builder, talks about the differences.

The State of the Mac Desktop (after Apple’s October 2016 Presentation)

Apple provided a much needed glimpse into their thinking about the Mac Desktop. But does it bode well for video post-production professionals?

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