Team Mixing Light interviews colorists, color engineers, hardware vendors, and anyone else who can help you better understand the craft and business of digital color grading.

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From Concept to Screen: Virtual Production in Film and Television

Accelerate your post-production career: https://mixinglight.comFull episode notes and additional links:

The Career Lessons Learned Of Senior Colorist Ferg Rotherham

Accelerate your post-production career at’m excited to share my interview with Ferg Rotherham. He’s a senior colourist and his credits inc...

An Interview with Oscar-Winning International Colourist Hootan Hagshenas CSI

Accelerate your post-production career at = = =Today, I talked to Hootan Haghshenas, CSI. He’s a senior colourist with extensive credits, incl...

A Career Empowering Colorists: Talking with FilmLight's Peter Postma

Accelerate your career at = = =Today, I talked to Peter Postma – Managing Director, Americas at FilmLight. Formerly at Kodak and a graduate of...

What’s The Role of VFX Colorist? With DNEG's Christian Ganea Reitmeier

This is a subscriber-supported podcast. Accelerate your career!= = = =Today, I talk with Christian Ganea Reitmeier, a Quebec-based VFX Colorist at DNEG...

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