A Career Empowering Colorists: Talking with FilmLight's Peter Postma

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Today, I talked to Peter Postma – Managing Director, Americas at FilmLight. Formerly at Kodak and a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology. He was a part of the team that deployed the first hardware that could apply a LUT in real-time and was on the committee that developed the CDL. He’s also active in the development of ACES.

Peter has made a career of creating workflows and standards that are easy to take for granted. Our conversation covers everything from ACES to rendering images for the new Sphere in Las Vegas. Plus, we talk about the innovative new features in Baslight v6 and its new perceptual color space.

Note: Baselight 6 is now released. At the time of this recording, it was in beta.

Key takeaways from this Insight
- How CDLs were developed as a communication tool with DPs
- The evolution of ACES
- How HDR introduces creative challenges
- The process of emulating photochemical processes
- Why Film Processing improved after the introduction of digital tools
- How Baselight evolved
- Why BaseGrade uses Human Perceptual Space for color grading
- Avoiding secondary corrections with better primary tools
- The look development tools of ChromaGen
- How color grading in the cloud is becoming possible
- Producing color workflows for the Las Vegas Sphere
Full show notes, additional links, and related tutorials are here: https://mixinglight.com/color-grading-tutorials/interview-peter-postma-filmlight/
A Career Empowering Colorists: Talking with FilmLight's Peter Postma
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