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The craft of filmmaking isn't the work of a single skilled artist. It's a collaborative journey, a bonding of multiple skilled craftspersons working toward a single goal. Each person contributes, impacts, and moves a project forward - changing it, honing it.

Filmmaking, as we define it, isn't restricted to the cinema. Any project that attempts to entertain, educate, or motivate another human being qualifies: Commercials, documentaries, corporate communications, short films, YouTube bloggers - if their work possesses an intention to influence, then these are all filmmakers of one sort or another.

The Mixing Light Interview series celebrates the skilled artisans of filmmaking

Reflecting how the Contributors to Mixing Light were mentored

Before the explosion of digital communication, the skills required to master the various filmmaking crafts were passed in person. From artist to apprentice, they worked next to each other. Often for years on end. But in modern distributed workspaces, we're losing that traditional mode of skill-passing.

Mixing Light, and our interview series, is an answer to that challenge.

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